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UK Coving Installation: Many people don't like the harsh lines between ceilings and walls and the classic way to solve this, is to install coving or fancy mouldings. Whether the use of coving is in or out of fashion today is hard to figure as it seems to come in and out of favour, however it's still used to embellish many a home in UK. However it is down to personal choice as to whether you have coving installed in your property or not. Sharp, contemporary lines or smooth, classic transitions? The choice is yours!

What is Coving? - Coving is a curved, concave component, for sale in strips, that's used to soften the sharp transitions between the ceilings and walls of a room. You might be surprised to learn that coving and ornamental mouldings can be manufactured from a variety of materials, the most commonplace of which are paper covered plaster, duropolymer, expanded polystyrene, extruded PVC, plastic, MDF, polyurethane, timber and gyproc.

All these materials and a jaw-dropping variety of shapes and designs too, like step, ogee (or cyma reversa), art deco, Edwardian, Victorian, cavetto, ovolo, dentil, egg and dart and cyma recta.

At this juncture you may be wondering if fitting coving is really such a good idea! You need to ask the advice and guidance of a specialist coving installer, who will suggest the recommended options for your particular property. Getting a super coved finish on your home in UK is your primary goal, and following the tips and tricks on this site should help you on that path.