About Us

Hiya, and I welcome you to my website. My name is Jordan Walker and I set about designing and building websites approximately 13 years ago. Truth be told I am really a locksmith by trade, so the move to designing websites was somewhat challenging, however I slipped into it easily and now it simply is "what I do". To be honest I've found it an interesting challenge, coming up with ideas and applying them, occasionally wishing to make some cash from it and oftentimes just doing it for amusement. This particular site is a tad of both of those.

I assume that I am not the only individual to have become furious when visiting websites to get nonstop pop-up windows offering up garbage I do not want and newsletters I would never read, repeated promotions and adverts shoved in my face which bears no resemblance to what I'm looking for, and in addition being forced to register or sign in to accomplish pretty much anything on the majority of websites. I would imagine that you feel just the same once the resulting spam emails start coming in and its necessary to invest your valuable time every single day trashing that garbage?

This site isn't dynamic hence the content won't move around or take forever to fully load. You won't be requested to sign in or register and you won't receive any unnecessary e-mails or newsletters. You will probably see some promotion and advertising on this site, though it isn't shoved down your throat. And you will never ever get those ridiculous pop-up windows you are unable to get rid of.

I am not a coving specialist myself therefore I would prefer that you don't contact me with any inquiries connected with coving or for estimates for coving installation, this website was designed to advise you of the variety of ways to search for a reliable coving specialist by yourself.

I do not endorse or recommend any particular service, I've purely provided some strategies for picking one, the decision is in the end down to you.

I expect to to see you here again in the future and thank you once again for your visit. Jordan Walker (Covingo)